GoodCrowds is a consultancy dedicated to helping organizations apply the power of crowdsourcing for social good and for the benefit of associations, non-profits, government and public sector, and forward-thinking private sector organizations.

GoodCrowds provides advisory, education, thought leadership, guidance and implementation expertise that will allow organizations of all types  to rapidly achieve the benefits that crowdsourcing for good can bring, shortening their learning curve and positioning them for ongoing engagement success.

Whether you are just starting to explore how crowdsourcing might work with your organization, or have already experimented with it and want to take your engagement strategy to the next level, we can help.   We’ll put together a program that fits your needs – whether it be for a few days or a few months – and will give you the foundation to make crowdsourcing work best for your organization,  and provide the path for moving forward.  We can develop crowdsourcing engagement strategy, identify the best places to start, provide technology recommendations and even help implement and oversee the program.

There are right ways and wrong ways to engage your communities with crowdsourcing, and we’ll dramatically shorten your learning curve and position your organization for ongoing engagement success.  The upside is tremendous, but before you spend your organizations time and money on engagement,  let’s make sure you get it right.   Contact us today to chat.

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