Members are the lifeblood of associations.  Yet surprisingly few associations give their members a way to be actively involved in the organization beyond serving on committees or attending an annual meeting or conference.   Crowdsourcing is a powerful new dynamic connection between an association and its members, which nourishes and strengthens this often passive relationship by inviting active, constructive participation on issues important to all.

Perhaps most importantly, crowdsourcing helps make an association more relevant to its members by:

  • Helping association leaders identify the priorities and needs of its members with a greater level of clarity;
  • Giving members a way to help association management chart a path for a growing, vibrant association;
  • Forging the creation of new connections between members that would otherwise have never been formed; and
  • Leveraging the vast experience and knowledge of the membership to help solve commonly shared challenges.

Crowdsourcing goes beyond online forums or surveys by providing an interactive process, focused on specific objectives, that guides online collaboration and innovation, leading to desired outcomes.  Participants in well designed crowdsourcing engagements report having a stronger connection to the organization as a result of participating. 

Associations can use crowdsourcing to address challenges such as finding solutions for problems commonly encountered by its members, ideas for making meetings and conferences more valuable, innovating ways to ensure a successful and growing future, and providing a conduit for fresh ideas into the community.  Using crowdsourcing can become a major differentiator for an association and be a visible demonstration of its “leading edge” vision.

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