Crowdsourcing is one of the most powerful ways organizations can become more relevant to their stakeholders, by giving them a way to  participate, connect and innovate on issues that are at the core of the organization’s mission.

Members, followers, citizens, customers, employees  – the people in your “crowds” – are the most powerful resource available to any organization – non-profit, public or private sector.  But amazingly, few organizations take full advantage of it.   Crowdsourcing leads groups of people through organized online collaboration, towards a shared objective, and it has significant differences and advantages over forums, surveys and online communities.

But crowdsourcing is a relatively new practice and, understandably, many organizations are hesitant to jump in.  There are right ways and not so right ways to engage.   Also, there is confusion around the term ‘crowdsourcing” to begin with – there are many forms of crowdsourcing such as crowd funding, microtasking (“crowd labor”) and others.

That’s where GoodCrowds comes in. We help you understand what crowdsourcing is, what the potential benefits are, how it will work for your organization’s goals, and how to make your crowdsourcing engagements successful.   We’ve worked with non-profits, government agencies and many others on crowdsourcing programs throughout the world, for many different purposes, so we know what works, and what doesn’t.

Interested in learning more?   Read how it might apply for your organization or contact us!

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