Forward-thinking enterprises recognize that the key to their long term success lies in the people in their “crowds” – customers, employees, partners, and investors – who have an interest in the success of the enterprise.  And increasingly, these enterprises also understand that both their brands’ reputations and their business can be enhanced by being positive and responsible corporate citizens.  Crowdsourcing is perhaps the most powerful way to tap into and mobilize an enterprise’s crowds to the benefit of both the organization itself and the world around them.

Visionary business leaders frequently subscribe to the concept of the “triple bottom line” – that responsibility to a combination of “profit, people and planet” provides the best path to long-term organization success.    Crowdsourcing lets business leaders tap into and benefit from the collective knowledge, creativity, and problem solving capability of their people to improve organizational performance, and identify opportunities to enhance the organization’s social reputation.

Crowdsourcing can be deployed by enterprises for a multitude of objectives that have both corporate/profitability benefit and social good impact, such as:

  • development of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives,
  • ideas for enlisting customers in social good programs along with the enterprise,  and
  • opportunities for improving corporate resource efficiency


There are a variety of ways that for-profit enterprise can and should take advantage of the power of crowdsourcing.  Specific examples include:

Understanding Stakeholder Perceptions:

In an increasingly social-conscious world, it behooves leaders to understand how their organization and brand are perceived with regards to their relationship with their market. Crowdsourcing is a wonderful way to gain this insight.

Issue prioritization:

Enterprises typically have many potential options to build goodwill and loyalty. Crowdsourcing provides a powerful way to identify stakeholder priorities, and provide market – driven guidance for these initiatives.

Innovation and collaborative problem solving

Enterprises often select a cause to champion, and these causes often need new thinking and problem solving. Crowdsourcing taps the collective knowledge and experience of the participants, and provides a way for people to join with the enterprise in a cause they care about.


Whether through reduced waste, greater energy efficiency, or something else, companies are increasing seeking more sustainable practices and these often translate into bottom line improvement. Crowdsourcing provides the best process for allowing participants to bring their innovative ideas forward, and have them enhanced and vetted by others.

Planning for the future

No one can predict the future, but crowdsourcing has proven to be one of the most accurate ways to identify how things may change, and position the enterprise to be on top of emerging issues.

How GoodCrowds can help:

The benefits of crowdsourcing can be significant for enterprises, but it takes planning and strategy to do it right.  Where is the best place to start?  What are the right topics for your crowdsourcing engagement?  What technology is right for your needs?  How long should you engage?  What results should you expect?

GoodCrowds will work with you to determine and customize the right crowdsourcing approach for your organization.  We have worked with organizations around the world to conceptualize, design and implement effective crowdsourcing programs.   We’ll help ensure that your crowdsourcing engagements are successful from the get-go and make the best use of your valuable budget.

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