What are you going to do differently?

If you are like me, you’re so busy keeping up with current demands that it’s tough to take time to really look down the road.  But this time of year, with the new year right around the corner, kind of forces you to look forward.  So, as you join me in doing so,  I have just one question for you:

What are you and your organization going to do differently in the future?

Specifically, what are you going to do differently to:

1)      Make your organization more relevant to the people you need it to be relevant to.

2)      Further your organizations mission and have more impact

3)      Improve your organization’s performance (financial, efficiency, momentum)

Albert Einstein is famously,  over-frequently, and probably mis-quoted as saying “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.  (There’s significant doubt he said it – some sources credit a Narcotics Anonymous publication)

OK now I’m guilty of adding to the overuse but it is a great quote regardless of who said it – and it’s applicable to so many organizations when it comes to my question above.

Here’s my premise:  By better engaging and involving the people who already are interested in your organization – your members, employees, volunteers, donors, partners, etc  -  you can make dramatic progress in all three areas listed above  – relevance, impact and performance.

The overused insanity quote applies very well to how most organizations relate to their stakeholders.    From what I’ve seen and heard, most organizations – private and public – associations, non-profits, universities, companies, and all others with large communities of followers that they rely on for funding are still using the same-old same old techniques to engage their constituents.   Are you the same?

Perhaps what you might consider doing differently is crowdsourcing.

There are lots of flavors of crowdsourcing – such as crowdfunding, crowd labor (or microtasking), and what we focus on most here at GoodCrowds, crowd creativity and engagement.   Depending on your organization, you could benefit from one or more than one of these.  Crowdsourcing is already having tremendous impact on all types of organizations, and I’m sure you’ve heard it (you wouldn’t be reading this if you haven’t) but you probably also haven’t tried it yet.   Crowdsourcing gives people a way to be involved in the mission of your organization, provide clearer market –driven insight into opportunities, and build stronger bonds between participants and your organization, and among participants.

Don’t know where to start?  Understandable – there are lots of ways to educate yourself.  Read any of these books, attend some webinars including ours, or give us a call – we’re happy to spend some time with you and your team to teach you.

But, even if it’s not crowdsourcing, start planning now to do something different to engage your stakeholders at a deeper, more meaningful level.  Worst case is you’ll learn something new,  the more probable case is that your organization will significantly benefit from it, and become more relevant to your key stakeholders.

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