How Organizations can Engage More for Less using Crowdsourcing

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Organizations of all types have the challenge of needing to involve their stakeholders – employees, customers, association members, followers, partners  – in the future of their organizations, yet they need to do so with tighter budgets.  The traditional methods of engagement can be quite costly and research shows that younger demographics increasingly prefer online engagement.

For all of these reasons and more, organizations are increasingly considering crowdsourcing as the way to overcome these challenges – and engage more people, get more rich data and input, and save costs.  However, there are lots of unknowns for most organizations that need to be clarified before embarking on their crowdsourcing program.     The key is to design and implement your crowdsourcing program well, to ensure a compelling experience and that you generate the insight you seek.

What you’ll learn:

  • Different types of crowdsourcing and where they apply
  • How online engagement differs from traditional techniques
  • Case Studies
  • Key principles of sound crowdsourcing program design
  • How to get started

About the speaker

  • Randy Corke, Founder and Principal of Goodcrowds has worked with organizations of all types around the world in conceptualizing and designing crowdsourcing programs to build organization value.  Randy is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and has helped bring new technologies to market for value over the past twenty years.   He holds a MBA from Cornell University.

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