GoodCrowds provides a  range of advisory, planning and implementation services to help organizations of all types – associations, non-profits, NGOS, government and public sector, and forward-thinking private sector organizations – to apply the power of crowdsourcing for the good of their organizations and the communities around them.

Whether you are just starting to explore how crowdsourcing might work for your organization, or you have experimented with crowdsourcing and are ready to take your crowd engagements to the next level, we can help.

To find out more about how crowdsourcing might be used in your organization, read our Crowdsourcing Overview for your sector, or look further below for details of our services.

We can provide one, some or all of the services below to give you experienced hands-on help and guidance to strategize, plan, implement and evaluate your engagement, and to help ensure you are successful from the get-go.   GoodCrowds services include:

Crowdsourcing Workshops

Understanding what crowdsourcing is, how it works and what the possibilities are for using it in your organization is essential to engaging your stakeholders successfully. We can provide two-hour, half-day or full-day workshops that will give everyone on your team a basic understanding of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, provide case studies and examples, answer your questions, identify how it could best benefit your organization internally and/or externally, who the right participants would be and how to get started. For organizations considering crowdsourcing, this is a great place to start.

Crowdsourcing Blueprint ™

• Successful crowdsourcing requires the “3Ps” – people, process and platform. Goodcrowds weaves all three together in a plan tailor- made for your organization in a document we call the Crowdsourcing Blueprint ™. From our experience, we know that process is every bit as important as the technology platform, if not more. A good process starts with an achievable objective and a clear plan to lead the participants in effective collaboration towards that objective. We will work with you to identify and refine your objective, and create the comprehensive plan that will result in a successful engagement. The plan will cover all essential elements such as: o program timelines o process flow/phases o participant profiles and recruitment o participant motivation and incentives o platform branding o question design o moderation o results analysis

Crowdsourcing Technology Platform Selection/Recommendation

There are many factors to consider in the selection of the online technology to host the crowdsourcing engagement. Depending upon the type of organization, engagement objectives, the location of the engagement, the budget for the program and several other factors, there are numerous technology alternatives and options. From our work with organizations around the world, we understand the technology capabilities best suited for specific needs, and will prepare and present the alternatives as well as make recommendations to make the decision easy.

Implementation Advisory

• Moving from plan to action is made much easier with a comprehensive plan and clear objective, but following best practices during the implementation is the last step in laying the foundation for a successful engagement. GoodCrowds works with client implementation teams to ensure best practices are reflected in the technology and process implementation, including details such as: o developing compelling content that will encourage strong participation, o appropriate terms and conditions and privacy policies, o community features to be used, o panel, voting or jury review round criteria to select best submissions, o participant communication program and tools, o moderator training.

In-program Advisory

When the program is ready to be launched, we can provide experienced oversight, either daily or periodically, to help ensure it gets off on a strong start and sustains momentum towards achieving the objective. We’ll watch to see that recruitment is working, participation rates are healthy, that moderation activities are on track, and work with you to adjust and refine the program as needed.

Ongoing and Post-program Analysis

An important benefit of crowdsourcing is that you can drill into early findings to gain greater clarity and insight, so analysis will begin early in the engagement and continue through completion. Strong crowdsourcing engagements can generate both qualitative and quantitative data, and by analyzing both types of data appropriately you can obtain incredible insight into the topics, the community views and priorities, the participants themselves, and the community as a whole. This data will not only help you make immediate impact, but also provide the foundation for future meaningful engagements.

If you’d like to speak  with us further to discuss how crowdsourcing might work for your organization, simply contact us and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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