Effective citizen engagement is demanded, and increasingly mandated, by federal, state and regional governments and other public sector organizations to help ensure that plans, policies and programs reflect the needs and priorities of those stakeholders.  Crowdsourcing is the most dramatic improvement in citizen and stakeholder engagement in decades.  Crowdsourcing goes beyond forums and surveys by providing an interactive online process, focused on specific objectives, that guides collaboration and innovation, leading to desired input and outcomes.

Importantly, in times of tight budgets, crowdsourcing reaches more people, more effectively, at less cost than traditional engagement methods.  Whether the need is citizen input for a new urban plan, public consultation during policy development, or a “grand challenge” to seek innovative solutions for social issues, crowdsourcing provides a highly accessible method of engagement that can lower the overall cost, while raising both the quality and quantity of participation.

Stronger engagement can lead to more satisfied citizens.  Participants in well-designed crowdsourcing engagements report stronger connection as a result of having the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way.

How GoodCrowds can help:

The benefits of crowdsourcing can be significant, but it takes planning and strategy to do it right.   Citizen engagements have their own unique requirements:  Who are the right participants?  What are the right topics?  What technology is right for the engagement?  How long should the engagement be?  What results can be expected?

GoodCrowds will work with you to determine the right approach for your department or agency, and answer all of these questions.  We have worked with governments and public sector organizations around the world to conceptualize, design and implement effective crowdsourcing programs, using many different crowdsourcing methods from collaborative to Grand Challenges.   We will help ensure that your engagements are successful from the get-go by sharing our knowledge of best practices, and make certain of the best use of your valuable budget.

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