To continue to evolve and enhance their institutions, universities must find new ways to engage their key stakeholder communities, build stronger bonds with these groups, and gain real value from the interaction.  Crowdsourcing is a powerful way to provide this needed, dynamic connection between universities and their many “crowds”, which include current students, faculty and staff, alumni, corporate sponsors and partners.

Crowdsourcing nourishes the often passive relationship between the institution and these groups, by inviting active, constructive participation on issues important to all.

Crowdsourcing goes beyond online forums or surveys by providing an interactive process, focused on specific objectives, that guides online collaboration and innovation, leading to desired outcomes.   Participants in well-designed crowdsourcing engagements report great satisfaction and stronger connection to organizations as a result of having the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way.

Universities use crowdsourcing to address challenges such as finding solutions for on-campus issues, innovating ways to ensure a successful and growing future, and providing a conduit for fresh ideas into the academic community.  Using crowdsourcing can become a major differentiator for a university and be a visible demonstration of an institution’s “leading edge” vision.

How GoodCrowds can help:

The benefits of crowdsourcing can be significant for universities, but it takes planning and strategy to do it right.  Where is the best place to start?  What are the right topics?  How long should you engage? What can you expect?

GoodCrowds will work with you to determine the right approach for your organization.  We have worked with organizations around the world to conceptualize, design and implement crowdsourcing programs.   We will help ensure that your engagements are successful from the get-go and make best use of your valuable budget.

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