There are many forms of crowdsourcing – crowd labor, crowd funding, crowdsourced marketplaces for logos, technical work and more.  What GoodCrowds specializes in is different, and proven – we help organizations of all types tap the experience, wisdom, creativity and insight of their stakeholders.  This could be there employees, their volunteers, members or followers, customers, donors, students or constitutents – anyone with an interest in the mission of that organization.

Who benefits from this type of crowdsourcing?

Organizations and governments benefit from the creativity, enthusiasm and energy of their community being engaged, no longer just passive members.  As a result the organization becomes more relevant to its members, and builds stronger relationship with its members. Participants benefit by having a way to make a difference and contribute, and by making connections with other participants who they might never otherwise have met.  Society benefits from the progress that is made.

What kind of progress?  There are many areas in which crowdsourcing is a far more effective way of engaging than surveys, focus groups, forums, and progressing your organizations mission…for example:

  • Innovating more effective ways to affect the change your organization is seeking
  • Understanding your crowd’s real social or organizational priorities
  • Solving the problems that your members and constituents face

To understand how crowdsourcing might work for your organization, select your organization type from the list below and read on.

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